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Description: ricana®Oxygen sphere
Type: Wellness
Manufacturer: ricana® Oxygen e.K., Germany
Dimensions: Ø width and height 200 mm
Weight: 640 g
Accessories: Oxygen generating powder plus tablets Inhalation mask with tubing. Nasal oxygen cannula with tubing
Tested: CE mark

The oxygen sphere comprises two hemispheres. The lower hemisphere acts as the oxygen generation tank and the upper hemisphere is fitted with a window to check on oxygen production. In the upper hemisphere the oxygen generated is humidified and aromatic oils may be added if desired.

When used at room temperature one sachet of ricana® Oxygen generating powder and one tablet generate approximately 23 litres of oxygen that expand due to the heat of reaction.

The oxygen gas obtained by enzymatic production in the ricana® generator consists of the purest 100% oxygen and contains no by-products with the exception of water vapour. As a result of the open breathing system this oxygen is diluted with atmospheric air prior to inhalation.

The oxygen sphere is not for use in emergencies as it will not provide artificial respiration (such as required in operations or cases of unconsciousness).

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