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  • ...even whilst asleep the brain uses up 20 percent of the oxygen inhaled? Whether you are awake or asleep your brain is always active.
  • ...the blood vessels in a human being would stretch approximately twice around the earth if they were placed end to end?
  • ...the pins and needles sensation in hands and feet commonly referred to as "going to sleep" is frequently attributable to a circulation problem? Pressure on the nerves or metabolic disturbances can also trigger similar sensations.
  • ...our cellular power plants generate chemical energy every day and if it were measured in electrical energy it would be possible to light approximately 1,500 100-watt light bulbs for a full minute.

Many basic illnesses of the body and psyche are the effects of civilisation that lead to diminished cellular energy production and restriction of the body's biological ability to heal itself. There is an ever-increasing interest in inhalation of oxygen as a method of natural healing particularly in conjunction with other natural healing methods.

Oxygen therapies in the most varied forms of application have been well known for a long time. Despite the fact that the specific effect of this alternative method of healing has not yet been proven scientifically, oxygen is still used successfully in medical and naturopathic fields by its supporters.

The energising effect of oxygen is well-known in insider circles and as a result the demand for oxygen inhalations and their applications has become much greater. The best known ones on offer are the forms of therapy in the medical and naturopathic field which involve huge mechanical and financial outlay.

The ricana®Oxygen company developed the oxygen sphere to keep the mechanical and financial outlay as low as possible for both the therapist and the client. Water, oxygen generating powder and two tablets are placed in the ricana®Oxygen sphere which is then sealed. Generation of elemental oxygen that can be inhaled for 20 minutes begins after approximately two minutes. This new oxygen device is compact and economical; the easy-to-use oxygen sphere makes oxygen inhalation accessible to anyone and it can be used at home, whilst travelling or on holiday. It is already being used successfully for short-term therapy in naturopathic practices and beauty therapy studios.
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